Nondisclosure Agreement

J’sons: Is this plane(t) spherical?

Jack: This question, all but trivial; placed where
three unlit dirt roads meet. Get out of the vehicle.

John: No pungent need of 5,000 dollars debt. Put both
feet on the (g)round. Take a walk on the beach. See ya.

Jim: Intertidal sea urchin, a spiny-n’-globular seabed
animal in no urgent need of 5,000 meters depth.

J’sons: Any (p)roof of or against firmament?

Jack: A breakthrough in a particular sphere when food prices,
skyrocketing hand-in-hand with popular rage, hit the ceiling.

John: GARAGE & DISSOCIATES, a universal hand-to-mouth
law firm experiencing a sudden instance of coffee break.

Ya see, . . .

J’sons: Assign rotatory or stationary to Heaven and Earth.

Jack: The State, revolving round its taxes, stirs up revolts.
The garage, not a place of tax refund prayer. Fixed that for ya.

John: The garage had to move Heaven-n’-Earth to
open up the heavens and rock the earth to its foundations.

Jim: And, lo and behold, the downpour of food stamps,
fed by the Fed and by fed up philatelomaniacs, begins.